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How to protect your skin in summer

How to protect your skin in summer

With the summer season setting in, it’s time to keep a special check on your skin. Keep away from smoking and stress to maintain the glow on your face, suggests an expert.

A skin treatment consultation has shared the six common sins, which have the potential to spoil one’s skin.

Smoking:- Having nicotine not only damages, but has ability to kill the skin. This causes thinning of the blood vessels in the skin. Therefore, reducing amount of oxygen is available to the skin, and that affects the ability of the skin to renew and regenerate. Over a period of time, it hastens skin aging. Many smokers also suffer from “fag lines” which are lines that radiate out from the outer edge of the lips.

Stress:- Stress causes harm to almost all organs of the body, the skin being no exception. During stress, our body releases a hormone called cortical. The blood supply to the skin and reduces the period of time, the skin may appear dry, sallow and may also develop spots.

Skipping sleep:- The term “beauty sleep” is not a myth. It is based on scientific facts. During sleep, our body releases growth hormone. This hormone assists the skin to cure itself and adds a healthy glow.

Wearing make-up to bed:- In night, the skin refresh itself. Skin, open pores and the temperature goes up a notch. Hence, unplug the pores to clean skin at night is important and use night creams or vitamin rich creams overnight as they penetrate better at night.

Unhealthy eating:- During summers, the heat and UV rays cause significant oxidative damage to skin and other organs. Colored fruits and vegetables are rich in anti-oxidants, which help in combating this damage.