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Tips for men

How to Apply Makeup as a Men?

Makeup products and items have been trending the market from long time now. They were restricted to women before however as the globe is altering, males have also shown some interest in the direction of this arena. With the metro-sexuality existing in the culture, there are a lot of men who take care of their appearances. Owing to this, numerous ...

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10 Steps, How to reduce Hair fall

How to decrease Hair Fall-Using some of the Quick Natural Methods. 10 Steps, How to reduce Hair fall. There are millions of hair loss products available in the market; all of them are claiming that they are best to reduce the rate of fall of your hair. But it is observed that many of them do not properly, no matter ...

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Get 10 Reasons, Why Women Love Men with Beards look

Get 10 Reasons, Why Women Love Men with Beards look. A man looks more attractive in beards look. In beards a man look strong and confident. View in a next slide more attractive looks. Image Source:- Google.com

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5 tips to quit smoking now


There are many reasons to quit smoking, and lung cancer awareness month is a great time to leave. After a log research we found many people want to quit smoking but they didn’t, because of so many reasons. Here we are giving you some easy tips. Need a good reason to quit smoking? You can quit tobacco use and healthy ...

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How to protect your skin in summer


How to protect your skin in summer With the summer season setting in, it’s time to keep a special check on your skin. Keep away from smoking and stress to maintain the glow on your face, suggests an expert. A skin treatment consultation has shared the six common sins, which have the potential to spoil one’s skin. Smoking:- Having nicotine ...

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6 things should not Screw Up on a First Date

6 things should not Screw Up on a First Date Follow these guidelines on your first date increase your chances to make special for woman. Here is some basic do’s and don’ts for first date always show your common sense. 1) Do not drink too much alcohol: – You might be nervous at the moment but don’t have too much ...

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