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10 Wedding Makeup Tips for Bringing Out the Beautiful You

10 Wedding Makeup Tips for Bringing Out the Beautiful You
10 Wedding Makeup Tips for Bringing Out the Beautiful You.

Wedding is one of the biggest moments in life you will never ever forget. In the moment, everyone is full of bliss, passion and hope. Being the “Queen of the Day”, you will be under the spotlight amongst the people smiling, avenue enchanting, flowers blossoming and songs playing. And, for at least once in a lifetime, you crave for your real beauty coming out from its hidden shelter.

Simple, neutral, long-lasting and bringing out the best features – the things you are eager to have in the look of your face on the special day, not a beautiful face you yourself do not even recognize. The 10 wedding makeup tips are here to take you a step closer to your desired look.

Essential Wedding Makeup Tips for a Natural Look.

Tip 1. Skin treatments
What a beauty it is to have naturally-glowing skin being there when you are in your white wedding dress! Such skin does not come overnight. Take a few weeks before the big day for skin treatments. No expensive beauty care is required. Just have a healthy diet full of water, fruits and veggies, have more sleep and no stress.

Tip 2. Facial treatments
Want a perfect face for the big day? Arrange any necessary facial treatments a few days before the wedding. At times, skin gets irritated or reddened after treatments so give time for skin to turn into its normal condition. If you want your brows to be plucked, shaped or even dyed, consider doing it a couple of days before.

Tip 3. References
Every bride wants to appear different, outstanding. You may have no makeup idea, or in opposite, you have so many that you are overwhelmed in picking one. Go to your makeup artist for a trial, have images of wedding makeup ideas you take from bridal magazines or the internet and any wedding makeup tips, and consult your idea with the artist. Your makeup artist will consider your skin color and features before giving any advice. After all, something classic is much preferred; avoid something too trend or statement looks.

Tip 4. Preferences
Tell exactly what you want from your makeup look to your artist. Tell the artist your specific preferences. Your artist may give you some advice but do not take it all into account. Be sure whatever you look like, you are confident with it.

Tip 5. Makeup trial
Find the most suitable makeup by running a trial. Do the trial at least 3 weeks before the wedding day. Wear a white-t-shirt during the trial so your artist can see how the makeup may look against the whiteness of your wedding dress. Take a picture of yourself in day light afterward and see if some changes are needed.

Tip 6. Long-lasting products
You have almost no time to touch up your makeup every once in a while during the wedding day. Waterproof, moisturized makeup products can avoid you from minor makeup damages that can ruin your overall appearance.

Tip 7. Application method
Research application methods for a bridal makeup – it’s not an everyday make-up routine! Here are some tutorials:

  • Brighten any darkness under your eyes with corrector and concealer.
  • Apply color in the crease for more defined eyes.
  • Have enough color in the makeup to compensate for the brightness of the white gown.
  • Smoothen the skin and add color to your cheeks and lips for naturally-glowing look.
  • Use individual eyelashes with differing lengths for a natural fluttery look.
  • Focus on your best facial elements – can be softly groomed brows, feathery lashes, natural-looking skin, etc.
  • Use a lipstick one or two times brighter from your everyday lipstick.
  • Finish your makeup with a matte highlighter shade on the browbone.
  • Extend the makeup down your neck and shoulders for even skin tone and great uniformity.

Tip 8. Check and photograph
Some powders or foundations look reflect light differently and look different in pictures. Check and photograph your makeup with a flash before the wedding day.

Tip 9. Lenses
Replace your eyeglasses with lenses on the wedding day. Put them on before applying your makeup.

Tip 10. Makeup time
Provide 45 minutes to an hour for makeup application on the wedding day. No rush.