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Know about stylish heels that won’t kill your feet

Comfortable and Stylish Heels That Won

Know about stylish heels that won’t kill your feet

Wearing Heals is not just a fashion, but it’s a trend as well. But, there are many ladies out there who suffer various problems on their feet due to which they can’t wear heels for longer duration. There are some other ladies like those who love to wear heels but can’t wear it because it kills your feet.


Now, you don’t have to worry while wearing heels in the office, late night parties, family gatherings etc.

Coach Heel
Front Coverage and strappy stuff from the front gives a sexy and sleek look. With the help of stability and holding ankle grip give the feel of comfort to you.

The best form of heels that can go with most of the western and Indian wear. With a bulge of support at the back, it gives a comfort to your front and back side of your toe. Wedges are best for daily office wear.

Stacked Heel
Stacked heel is hard in its nature and the curved front platform gives a space to release the pressure from the ball of the foot. Stacked Heel can be worn in family gathering and late night parties.

Exposed Arch Heel
This type of heel gives you the comfort on your back part of the toe. The front-end gets the support with the straps and those wider, spacious tips. It is very sturdy in nature and gives a total retro look for any party.

Last but not the least, always gives a check on the material of the shoe before buying it from the store. It is better to buy high quality of shoes. Plastic and ‘pleather’ heels look cheap and they also make your feet suffer. Always chose a material with soft sole and that helps you with the right circulation of your body. With the help of the right kind of heel, it will make your feet happy and free from pain.

In addition to it, Size plays a very important role. At times, many ladies buy one size lesser with their natural size in heels. This is because; they have the perception that the shoe will shrink. Happy to aware you, it doesn’t go with the high quality of the shoe. So, It’s better to buy shoe of your size.

“Make your Feet Happy with Right Heels at Right Places without Screaming for Foot Pain”