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11 Nutritional Healthy Burger Recipe !

11 Nutritional Healthy Burger Recipe

Burger is loved by everyone due to it’s amazing taste and texture. No wonder why kids now a days wants to have burger quite often. But due to it’s high rich ingredients, it is considered unhealthy and hence parents does not want their kids to eat burgers all the time. Here in this content we have discussed the 10 best nutritional healthy burger recipe which you can even make at home and serve it to your kids.

1) Asian Turkey Burgers
Roasted turkey blended with hosin sause with chestnut toppings provides the bread with a yum taste. And when it is served with tender green, the recipe becomes quite healthy for anyone of any age.

2) Mozzarella Stuffed Turkey Burgers
These turkey burgers served with marinara sauce and shredded mozzarella not only makes it look attractive but at the same time the ingredients used for such makes is completely harmless for your health. Garlic, fine chopped tomatoes and onions with pepper salt provides required vitamins and nutrients for a perfect well being.

3) Inside Out Cheeseburgers
The special thing about this burger is that instead if using regular old cheese, one uses mixture of Gouda and Emmentaler (semi-hard cheese) so as to preserve the delicious flavour of the meat. The use of lean beef makes it 90 percent fat free burger which anyone can have a taste of it.

4) Hanoi Style Tuna Patty
The use of rice noodles and lots of green veggies between the wheat buns makes a complete healthy recipe. Also the use of tuna instead of some fatty meat also adds on to the healthy benefits of having such burger.

5) Greek Bison Burgers
The lean bison meat marinated with spinach and added flavours certainly makes it a Greek inspired burger. The use of yogurt sause instead of mayonnaise provides extra protection from the fats. Hence making it a one healthy recipe of burgers.

6) Fajita Burgers
It’s ingredients mainly includes fat free beef meat along with onions, garlic, ground pepper and green cabbage. This wide range of green ingredients along with fat free meat makes it a healthy burger recipe.

7) Cranberry and Herb Turkey Burgers
From the name one can understand the use of heathy items in making of such burger. Dried cranberries with home made ketchup provides a nutritional benefits to the person having it.

8) Crab Cake Burgers
The name came from the use of crab in it. One can understand the true flavours of crab and as we all know crabs are good for health thus when served with green vegetables and sliced peaches making Crab Cake Burger complete healthy recipe.

9) Cherry Burgers
90 percent lean beef meat mixed with dried cherries makes it an antioxidant ingredients. No wonder it is a fat free burger thus even the kids can have it without having any concern.

10) Turkey Sausage and Peppers Burger
Turkey with peppers makes it the best classical Italian recipe for burger. If you want to experience such flavours and at a same time make it a healthy one then your should try it once.