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10 Tricks To Lose Your Belly Fat

10 Tricks To Lose Your Belly Fat
10 Tricks To Lose Your Belly Fat

Obesity is the most common problem in people of all age group. Exercise and proper diet is the best and healthiest solution to this problem.

It is difficult to get rid of the fat from certain body parts. Belly is one such area. The stubborn fat that gets accumulated in and around your belly gives you a bad shape because of which you cannot wear the dress you saw that girl in the party wearing. So gear up guys! Here’s some tips that will definitely help you cut down that awful belly fat and make you look young and sexy.


  1. Aerobic exercises: It is not possible to lose weight from one particular area. Aerobic exercises like walking, running or cycling will help you lose a few kilos from your overall body weight and thus lead to reduction in belly fat.

  3. Sit ups: Sit ups work your core muscles, hips, lower back, abdomen and pelvis. They help in toning, developing strong and lean muscles and maintaining a good posture.

  5. Crunches: Crunches are exercises that help you get great abs and core. There are several types of crunches. They tone, define and strengthen core muscles.

  7. Leg raises: Leg raises are simple but effective exercises. They basically target the lower abdominals and hip flexors and also leg muscles.

  9. Plank: Plank helps you get a toned belly by building your deep inner core muscles and tightening your midsection. It also works your glutes and hamstrings and improves posture and balance.

  11. Reduce sugar intake: Excess sugar can lead to increase in amount of fat accumulation in belly.

  13. Reduce carbs intake: Having less carbs will kill your appetite and make your body start burning primary fat.

  15. Having protein rich food: Protein reduces your cravings, boosts metabolism and may help you to eat fewer calories.

  17. Have food rich in Vitamin C: Vitamin C controls the excessive cortisol secretion that happens to you under stress. It also makes carnitine a compound used by the body to turn fat into fuel.

  19. Drink plenty of water: This boosts your metabolism, helps in cleansing your body and suppresses your appetite.