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5 Mistakes One Should Avoid To Prevent Pregnancy for a Girl

5 Mistakes One Should Avoid To Prevent Pregnancy for a Girl

Five Mistakes One Should Avoid To Prevent Pregnancy for a Girl.

Becoming wild during sex is always a great thing that all want to be. Everyone wants to enjoy and live that mind blowing moment to the fullest. But don’t dare to lost your mind in the craziness and awesomeness of that moment because your one silly mistake could bring a tragic end which two of you don’t want right now. Before blaming your partner for making you ‘ dad’ go through this article. Contraceptive pills are very much handy to use but there are several mistakes that guys often make during sex just because of the heat of that particular moment. This article will help you to know five silly mistakes that can cause your girl pregnant.

  • Going for a condom which has not been stored properly might cause you a worse situation than the sexual flump you just encountered. Extreme cold or heat can harm the latex that is used in condom. So dark, dry and cool place is believed to be the best place for storing them.
  • Before having sex, some couple use items such as scissors, knives and even teeth to tear the wrapper in order to open the packet of condom. But sometimes mistakenly a hole is made in condom due to the sharp object.
  • Some men do not use condoms because their female partners take contraceptives pill. Wake up guys. Don’t take it easily. Pill is not a complete solution. But condom along with pill give you immense pleasure with full protection.
  • Sometime you are totally on and ready for the extreme move that time you can’t remember where you put the goddamn condom. But it may be more weird to become daddy if both of you are not still make your mind for baby. So don’t waste your time, search a little bit or go to the nearest store to buy an another pack. Having sex with condom is damn good idea.
  • Sometimes condom might put you in a great fix. So always try to examine what your lube is developed out of. Petroleum based or oil based lubricants such as massage lotion or mineral oil can damage condoms.

So this time before getting too much intimate with your girl keep these points in mind and enjoy your cozy moments.