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5 simple ways to minimize the risk of breast cancer

5 simple ways to minimize the risk of breast cancer

5 simple ways to minimize the risk of breast cancer

In recent times, breast cancer is believed to be on of the most common type of cancer found in women. Researches show that certain things increase the chances of getting it. But, that never implies you cannot be able to curb the risk. If you bring certain changes in your lifestyle then definitely you will lead a great life ahead. So if you want to see the healthy you then just go through this article and learn five simple ways, which will lower your risk of breast cancer.

Control alcohol consumption: The more alcohol you consume, the greater risk you are inviting in the form of breast cancer. A glass of wine is perfectly fine for health but consuming several glasses in a day can raise the chances of your breast cancer.

Quit smoking: If you love to smoke then quit your habit as early as possible. Researchers suggest that smoking and breast cancer are intertwined.

Maintain a perfect weight: Being obese or overweight can raise the chance of breast cancer. This applies after menopause basically. But it is highly advisable to maintain an ideal weight after the age of 21.

Try to active physically: Physical activity can surely help one to maintain an ideal weight, which helps to prevent breast cancer in turn. Researches show that increased physical activities decreases the chances of breast cancer. So if you start exercise like morning walk for 30 minutes in five days a week is pretty good to get the the protective effect.

Avoid hormone therapy: Menopausal hormone therapy raises the chances of breast cancer. Recent results show that woman who takes combined hormone therapy has a greater chance of breast cancer. So, consult with the doctor before going for hormone therapy and understand the pros and cons before you actually start. But if it becomes mandatory then ask your doctor for lowest dose of it.


Keep all these factors in mind you can get a healthier, happier and longer life.