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Best Exercise Tips For Better $ex with Regular Exercise

Better Sex with Regular Exercise
Best Exercise Tips For Better Sex with Regular Exercise
Doing exercises on regular basis helps a lot in keeping you in good shape. It helps to burn fat, tone your body muscle and at the same time keeps you energetic throughout the day. But did you knew that exercise can help you to have a better sex experience? The researchers from all over the world believes that hitting gym on regular basis or doing free hand exercise might help you achieve a better sex life than ever before.

Here in this content we have discussed few exercises which can and will help you experience a better sex with your partner.

1) Kegels

Arnold Kegel, the physician from Los Angeles, after whose name the exercise is dedicated to. Undergoing levels helps a lot in increasing the strength of pelvic muscles of your body. The exercise is mainly good for men, as they would have to do all the work. Kegels put a lot of pressure on pubococcygeus(PC) muscle thus by toning it helps to control the pelvic muscles. It is advised to do as many reps of kegels as possible for better endurance.

2) Swimming

Yet again a great exercise to increase the endurance. A recent study on both male and female from Harvard concluded that those of the volunteers who regularly swim for around 30 minutes in a day experience better sex life than from those who does not. Swimming certainly increases the body function to greater extent hence if you want to experience a whole new side of your sex life then go for swimming at least thrice a week.

3) Yoga

Yoga is considered to be the best activity to keep yourself fit throughout the day. Again yoga increases the flexibility by stretching various muscles of the body parts. Thus, for those who love role playing during sex can try yoga as this would provide them better scope to try out new things.

4) Weight Lifting

Each and everyone say if you want to increase body muscle then try lifting maximum weight as possible. But have anyone ever considered why and how weight lifting helps in gain muscle? It is because lifting heavy weights helps in production of testosterone. The more the production more it is better for you. Again greater testosterone level in body will also help in having a better sex experience which you might never have imagined.