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Dos and Don’ts Helping You to Deal with Anger

Dos and Donts Helping You to Deal with Anger
When you get very angry and try to control your aggression and anger that time by following some do’s and don’ts help you to manage your emotions and keep you cool. Read this article and learn about them to lead a healthy life.

What to do:

  • Forgiveness is something which help you a lot. So forgiving the individual who has poked you is the great way to reduce anger.
  • Another means to deal with anger is definitely distraction. You can distract yourself through cooking, drawing, taking a walk or cross word or Sudoku puzzle.
  • Taking a deep breath is also the good way to keep yourself cool and calm. You can engage yourself in yoga too as it also emphasizes on breathing.
  • Jogging, brisk walking or aerobic exercise can be the superb method to handle your anger. As exercise releases endorphins that helps you to sooth and manage your emotions.
  • Journaling or writing allows one to slow down as well as think through how one wants to respond. In this way, one is replying rather that reacting.


  • One should not use below- the- belt strategy which includes interpreting, blaming, ridiculing, threatening, lecturing and interrogating. Don’t use email while confronting another individual or convey an emotional and touchy subject.
  • Never deny that you are angry. Because studies show that individuals who are capable to perceive the anger as anger can digest their aggression very easily.
  • Instead of storming or stomping into your room and yelling that you have become unwanted person write about your feeling.
  • Do not strike or talk when the iron is hot. Take your time and let the situation normal.
  • Never try to spin your wheels to convince the person about the correctness of your position.

Well, following these tips you can able to handle with your anger and lead a happier life.