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Foods You Need to Avoid for a Sound Good Night’s Sleep

Foods you need to avoid for a sound good nights sleep

In this century, normal sleeping pattern is a myth for most. Busy lifestyles and personal lifestyle choices that involve a lot of night-time activity like partying are to be blamed. But there is a reason peeping from behind the curtain that cannot be perceived. It affects normal sleep pattern gravely and turns out as the major cause. Our food habits deeply affect our sleep pattern and thus we should choose foods more carefully. There are a number of foods that affect sleep:


Foods you need to avoid-Alcohol
This is a very commonly known rogue beverage that disturbs normal sleeping pattern. Alcoholic drinks are rejuvenating in many occasions and have many positive effects. But too much of a good thing never serves good to man. The same applies to alcoholic beverages as well. Too much intake of alcohol with intervenes with your sleep and render you sleepless. Alcohol, a central nervous system depressant intervenes with the REM or Rapid Eye movement in deep sleep, which affects normal motor functions, concentration and memory. And disruption in free REM sleep shortens the time of sleeping. In some cases, too much intake of alcohol oddly increases the net time of sleep.



Foods you need to avoid-Spices
Spices are a mandate in some food and has to do with richness of taste. But more than usual intake of spicy foods will disturb your sleep and thus it is healthy to shirk on spices in your food as much as possible. Other than spices, tomato and chilly also should be avoided as much as possible if one has insomnia or sleeping disorder of any kind.


Chocolate or Sugar

Foods you need to avoid-Chocolate-sugar
These are apparently the most harmless in the list and thus demands most awareness. Chocolate deals with nerves directly and thus also intervenes in normal sleeping pattern. Chocolate like alcohol has adverse effects. It eases the nerve on one hand but if taken too much leaves with harmful after-effects.