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Garlic can increase your health life

Garlic can increase your health and sexual life
As you know garlic created a bin smell in your mouth. But, if you know how important is for your health and sexual health, after knowing this you would never miss eating garlic. But people still not use it is the best potential to enhance their sexual health.

  1. The sexual organs of both men and women to stimulate blood circulation and blood flow, which can help a component called allicin, as wonderful spice can do wonders for your libido. For best results over or your sexual inability cloves and fry in butter with garlic to eat green peppers.
  2. Garlic prostacyclins by increasing the body’s ability to reduce asthma. Prostacyclins in which people with asthma breathe easier promote open airways of the lungs that helps keep the lipid molecules.
  3. Garlic is a powerful antioxidant with antibacterial properties, it is best to cough and cold decongestant and measures.
    Garlic juice mix with warm water and rinse to get rid of sore throat.