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Get Yourself Familiar With Few Distinctive Types Of Depression

Know types of Depression

Get Yourself Familiar With Few Distinctive Types Of Depression.

A man without problems to solve is rare to find. Most the depressions emerge from the unsuccessful quest in solving problems which seek to linger for a long time. Depression is defined as a mental health illness where one suffers from the feeling being let down and having too many mood swings. The persistent feeling of unwanted sadness, hopelessness and inability to cope with certain situations are one of the symptoms usually felt by people suffering from depression. Here is the list of few distinctive types of depression you might be suffering from.

Atypical Depression
Some of the people experience temporary but quite visible mood swings wherein they reach an emotional high on hearing good news and extreme low with bad news. People suffering from atypical depression are known to uniformly depressed and often possess mood reactivity. This type of depression is usually evident in the early teenage days and remains to continue to adult life. Furthermore it is regarded as a major type of depression which is even seen as a symptom of a mild form of bipolar disorder called cyclothymia.

Melancholic Depression
Some people complain of the inability to find pleasure in the positive things of life, they kept waiting for something bad or experience something bad lurking in the shadows. This kind of depression is characterized as the melancholic depression where health seems to take a hit. Such person also suffers significant weight loss, guilt factor and psychomotor agitation. Such depressed individuals are unable to get a healthy sleep which causes insomnia.

Seasonal Affective Disorder
There are few groups of people who seem to become bit estranged or act in a non-familiar in particular seasons. Though it might seem unnatural or over exaggerated but it does happen with some people who experience depression in almost every season in each year. Such a depressed condition is termed as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Its symptoms include the persistent sadness, anxiety, hopelessness, social withdrawal along with fatigue. Once the season whether it is winter, summer or autumn has passed such individuals regains their vigor and confidence.

This is regarded as a milder form of depression which has less serious implication but seems to be present in the individual for a longer period of time. A person suffering from dysthymia suffers from a depressed mood which lasts astonishingly for at least two years. Such people possess certain symptom which lowers his productivity like the low self esteem, poor concentration, loss of appetite, lack of energy and insomnia.