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How black pepper beneficial for weight loss

How black pepper beneficial for weight loss

How black pepper beneficial for weight loss.

Have you ever thought while sprinkling black pepper on your food, that it can help you a lot in losing weight? Do you know there are so many ways in which black pepper helps in reducing those extra pounds?

Let’s have a look!
Black pepper is basically a hot and pungent ingredient having a lot of health benefits.
It is extensively used in a lot of Ayurvedic treatments and medicines.
Black pepper has got an active compound which is known as piperine. Piperine gives the basic taste to black pepper. It also has potassium, iron, manganese, magnesium, zinc, vitamins C & A, chromium & other such nutrients.
People generally add black pepper to add some taste after the food is cooked. It is added after the cooking is done because if it is added during cooking, the volatile-oils evaporate and thus reduce the flavor.
Freshly grounded black pepper has the most intense flavor. Peppercorns taste well in soup, marinades, stews and a number of sauces which are cooked very slowly.

Weight loss- a problem that every second individual is fighting today!
Weight loss is something which each one of us needs to do at least once in our lifetime. But doing it is not that easy.
As discussed above, black pepper is a wonderful ingredient to get rid of fat. Let’s discuss how it helps.

Facilitates weight loss
Black pepper is known to stimulate appetite. But at the same time, it is also helpful in reducing weight. The outermost layer of the peppercorns has phytonutrients which enhance the breakdown of fat-cells.
A recent study on the effects of peppercorns on the metabolism of mice has revealed that it reduces the accumulation of fat in the body.
As it improves metabolism, this fats-free food also helps in burning calories.

The benefits of piperine
A recent study has revealed that piperine helps in reducing the levels of fat in the blood stream. It has some other beneficial health rewards too.
It has got a lot of antioxidant properties.
Black pepper is being used since times immemorial in medicines for combating gastrointestinal problems, inflammation and other such problems. It has been found that piperine interferes with the functioning of the genes which basically form fats.

Beneficial for the athletes
Athletes like body builders, very often have to manage with bland foods in their pre-contest diet. By adding a little bit of black pepper they get a lot of benefits other than just the delicious taste.
Body builders aren’t the only ones who benefit from black pepper. For that matter, any athlete can benefit from black pepper as it enhances metabolism. A loss of fat always helps in improving quickness, endurance, etc.
Black pepper also has Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in curbing the free-radicals. It helps in reducing fats on the belly.
It is a natural anti depressant which stimulates nervous-system. Thus, it is helpful for the memory also.

What does black pepper do?
We have already discussed how black pepper helps in reducing fat. Now we will see how it actually does it.

1) Black pepper restricts the formation of fresh fat- cells. In a recent study, the researchers have found that piperine suppresses the accumulation of fat.

2) Black pepper is a good thermogenic ingredient that helps the body in burning more and more calories.

3)Some of the studies have shown that having spicy food helps in boosting the metabolism of the body.

4) Black pepper gives an advantage to the body and makes it eligible for drawing and digesting nutrients from the foods as piperine enhances the bio-availability of the food & nutrients for the body.