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Just Right Sleeping Positions to Sleep Away Your Pain

Just Right Sleeping Positions to Sleep Away Your Pain

Just Right Sleeping Positions to Sleep Away Your Pain

Sleeping is important for everybody. Having a good night’s sleep is extremely helpful for our mind and body. It is surprising to know that almost 3 out of every 4 persons have painful set of muscles while sleeping or lying down. And this happens because of improper sleeping positions. A 6 hours sleep is important, but a perfect sleeping position is more important. Here is a list of perfect sleeping positions which will fix your body problems.

To avoid shoulder pain(deltoids muscle) 
First things first. You should avoid sleeping on the side with the painful or affected shoulder. You can sleep on the other side using a side pillow and thinking it to be another person and hugging it as much as you want. The best way to avoid is by sleeping on your back. This would eventually lower the pain and moreover you will get a good night’s sleep.

For back pain (trapezoid muscle)
Firstly when sleeping on your side use a towel roll or a pillow or a cushion in between the knees. This is done for balancing the weight on your spinal cord. When on your back just use or a cushion or a pillow under your knee and a small towel roll on your back. This would mend the gaps between you and the bed and would help to construct the natural curve which every human body has. Thirdly when sleeping on your stomach, (which you should avoid as much as you can) just use a pillow under your abdomen to ease out things and to avoid painful, sleepless nights.

For neck pain (it hurts a lot)
Firstly you should avoid sleeping on your stomach. Keeping the neck in a neutral position might help as well. Avoiding the usage of too many pillows can nullify this problem and the pillow should be above your shoulders so as to minimise the pressure on the neck. You can use a cushion or a rolled piece of cloth to support the neck.

Obstructive sleep apnea (Commonly known as SNORINGGGG)
Avoid sleeping on your sides and stomach so as to avoid the collapse of the tongue in the throat. If the nostrils get blocked because of some reason people automatically snore as because there has to be an outlet of carbon dioxide coming out. You can even sew a ping-pong ball to the rear side of your pajama top.

For plantar fasciitis
It is a common feet disorder affecting the heel and the underside of the foot. It is necessary to keep the ankles and foot in a relaxed position. It helps in cutting down on the pain.