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Know The Best Ways To Prevent Breast Cancer

Know the Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer

Know The Best Ways To Prevent Breast Cancer

A woman is one who pours all her love to her baby during breastfeeding. The sense of motherhood is being reflected not only through the eyes of the mother but also when she holds her baby tightly near her breast and gives him or her the warmth of love. This way breasts play an important role to nourish the special bond of the two life long. But nowadays breast cancer has become a great threat to womanhood. Breast cancer is nothing but a malignant situation of the tissues of breast where without any kind of control the cells get multiplied. It prevents a woman to live a happy life. Sometimes it takes life and sometimes it prevents a woman to feel that special moment when a baby suck the love of her mother through breasts. If you want to protect your breast from this disease then you have to know certain basic things.

How to get rid of it?

The most important thing to be remembered when you want to curb the risk of breast cancer is definitely to know and understand the meters which cause breast cancer, features that provoke breast cancer and diet that prevents cancer and last but not the least sufficient screening and check ups.
Studies have already shown that changing lifestyle is very much helpful in reducing the chances of breast cancer.

There are certain steps one should keep in mind to lessen the risk:-
• Alcohol consumption leads one to the realm of breast cancer. Studies show that drink in a day may also be a threat.

• Collecting proof indicates a connection between the risk of breast cancer and smoking, specially in premenopausal women.

• One should control the weight to minimize the risk of breast cancer. Being obese or overweight maximize the chances of cancer. This is particularly true if later in life obesity happens, especially after menopause.

• To maintain a perfect weight, physical activity plays a major role. It also helpful in preventing the breast cancer. It is proven that strength training twice in a week and aerobic activity in a regular basis is quite necessary to get rid of it.

• Breast feeding is another great way to maintain a safe distance from it. The longer one breastfeeds, the powerful protective effect.

Healthy diet is also effective in preventing this type of cancer. Mediterranean diet added with mixed nuts and extra virgin oil might have minimum chance of breast cancer. Because this type of diet is normally plant- based.

So, now you can stay healthy and say no to breast cancer following the steps mentioned above.