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Know how Feet are a reflect your personality

Know how Feet are a reflect your personality. Appearance is often deceptive, might be true but feet of the person speak exactly about the traits of the personality of the person. It unveils the hidden truths about the person.
Following are the four different types of feet which speak about the person:

The square feet: The square feet are somewhat obtuse. Here, the length of the toe, mainly first toe is almost like a rectangle. It is also known as “Peasant foot” or “Giselle”. Person with this type of feet like to reflect; and consistently investigate every decision by weighing its pros and cons. Such below are never driven by flow and are very practical. Such people are trustworthy and secure, as they attain the target by strong determination.

Flame foot: Such foot is also known as “Fire Foot” or “Greek Foot”. Here, the second toe is narrower than the other toes and it extends beyond the axis of the toe. The fingers are spread away from each other, forming a shape somewhat like a triangle. The person with such feet is creative, enthusiastic, sporting and active. Such a person has the ability to motivate others.

The common foot: It is also called “Roman Foot”. The feet are light with proportionate toes and big toe. It reflects the extrovert and social person. Such person is inquisitive and ready to indulge in creative intellectual activities. It is mostly found in the person who loves to travel, hence also called “foot of air”. The people with such feet like to explore diverse cultures for expanding and enriching their own experience. But, such person tends to become proud.

The stretched foot: It is also known as “Water Foot” or “Egyptian Foot”. Here, the foot is elongated and tight with the toes fused together; which renders it delicate shape. The big toe here extends towards the top. It reflects the person who is idealist and dreamer. It mostly reflects the person who has hidden aspects and treasures his private life. Such person doesn’t want to look at the reality of life. The person is somewhat impulsive, moody and rebellious in day to day life.

Even the size and shape of the finger nails and toes tells about the personality of the person. For example, the person with small feet usually love life and want to take up diligent tasks. Those with large feet are ambitious and adventurous. People with large big toe reflect high rationality. The crooked finger reflects the person who easily surrenders.