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Know how many type headache, did you face anyone

Know how many type headache, did you face anyone.

Headache is a type of pain in the head or the neck region. Headache can also be symptoms of varieties of other conditions. There are different types of Headaches. Some of the Headaches are benign, while others are serious. In this context, let’s find out some of the types of Headaches.


Following are the types of Headaches –

  1. Tension Type Headaches
  2. Hormone Headaches
  3. Cluster Headaches
  4. Migraines
  5. Sinus headaches

1) Tension Type Headaches: The primary symptoms of Tension Type Headaches are pressure and muscle tension. This is a very common type of headache and we all suffer from this type some or the other time in our life. There are many people who suffer from this type of headache every day. This is also known as chronic Tension Type Headache. Tension Type Headaches


2) Hormone Headaches: The next one is Hormone Headaches. This is one type of headache that occurs during menstrual periods. There are migraines associated with periods. Symptoms of Hormone Headaches are sharp pain and throbbing pain. Nausea and vomiting can accompany alongside this type of headache. Hormone Headaches


3) Cluster Headaches: This is one type of headache that affects men mostly then women. Cluster Headaches are very sharp and they come up suddenly and can also upto one hour. This type of headache can come several times in a day. The pain is very sharp and piercing. The headache is on the same side all the time. There are also teary eyes along with this type of headache. Cluster Headaches


4) Migraines: Migraine is a very vast topic and it has its own classifications. Some of the migraine symptoms include aurus. Aurus is the symptoms before the pain. People often complain of seeing lines and dots. This type of pain is usually throbbing pain and sharp. This is one sided pain and also sometimes can be on the both sides. When a person suffers from migraine attack, he or she can also complain about the loud noise and light. Nausea can also accompany alongside this type of headache. Migraines


5) Sinus headaches: When in the nose cavity, the sinuses get swollen due to infection, a type of headache can persist and this is known as a sinus headache. Fever can also be seen along with this type of headache. There are different antibiotics that can treat a sinus headache. Sinus headaches

Headache can also be classified into two types –

  • Primary headache – Tension Type Headaches, Hormone Headaches, Sinus headaches etc
  • Secondary Headache – Bleeding inside the brain, Menengitis etc