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Know How to maintain Blood pressure while pregnancy?

Know How to maintain Blood pressure while pregnancy

Know How to maintain Blood pressure while pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a very sensitive period in a woman’s life. She goes under a sea of physical and emotional changes. It is indeed very difficult to cope up with so much. The fluctuation of hormones during this period brings about a lot of problems which is quite difficult to cope up with. Blood pressure fluctuation is one such problem that is faced by most women and it is very important that you keep a check on the blood pressure. You could take up the following measures to keep your blood pressure in check during pregnancy.

Take Antenatal Appointments regularly
It is very essential that you make antenatal appointments regularly. It is necessary that you check your urine and blood pressure levels whenever you make these appointments. In case of any abrupt changes in the results, it could be rectified before it gets any worse.

Do not skip your medications
If your doctor has given you a set of medications to you, then it is necessary that you abide by the prescription and take your medicines regularly. It is essential that the dosage prescribed be followed. You shouldn’t stop or increase or decrease dosage without consulting with the doctor.

Be active
You need to keep yourself active. You do not have to be bed ridden just because you are pregnant, unless your doctor has prescribed otherwise. Small exercises such as swimming, yoga and walking keeps you fit and maintains your blood pressure. Never think being pregnant is like an ailment. It is one of the most crucial stages of your life. Make it a good one. A little exercise keeps your blood pressure in check and prevents all the further consequences that high or low blood pressure might cause to you or your baby.

Your weight must be kept in check
It is absolutely important that you keep your weight in check. It is normal that you would gain 12 kilos weight at least during pregnancy. This is because you need to support the baby. This weight is necessary for the growth as well as development of the child. But if it is too much of a weight that you gain during this time, it is not good. This is because this extra weight causes blood pressure fluctuation. It increases the chances of critical conditions such as preeclampsia.

To maintain a balance on your blood pressure, it is advised that the salt intake be kept in check. You should have nutritious food in order to keep both you and your child healthy. Consult your doctor and get a diet chart made as per your body requirements. This would help you maintain good health which will help you during child-birth and the child will also have a good growth process.