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Know how you can get pregnant after period ends

Know how you can get pregnant after period ends

Know how you can get pregnant after period ends

Pregnancy should be a planned process as in this way a couple can decide when to bring their child into this world and hence plan accordingly. Most couples have several misconceptions regarding getting pregnant and some think that they cannot get pregnant as soon as they stop the contraceptive methods they are applying or just after periods. While these may be true, the fact is that they are just mere speculations. A lot depends on chances and it may be that even after your periods, the ovum has remained intact and you can hence get pregnant immediately as you have sex. However, these depend a lot on chances and hence you need to plan accordingly if you want to get pregnant after your periods.

Track your menstruation cycle

The first step that should be taken in order to get pregnant is to track your menstrual cycle. Some women have a menstrual cycle gap of 22 days while some have 30 days or even longer than that. Once you get to know your gap, you can easily track the approximate day of your ovulations. Generally you will be ready to get pregnant after 5 days of your periods ending. However, the closer you are towards your menstruation cycle, the better chance you have in conceiving.

Track the ovulation date

Generally ovulation takes place after 10 days of menstruation ending. But the process can be much earlier or delayed as well. In order to know more about the ovulation date, you can easily go for the ovulation kits that are available nowadays. Other than that the basal body temperature also rises when you are ovulating. So this helps you to know the ovulation date and having sex closer to the ovulation date just as the period ends also helps you to get pregnant.

Have regular sex

If you are unsure about the ovulation date or find it confusing to calculate, just start to have intercourse immediately after your menstrual cycle ends. While a lot is left on chances, it may be that you have ovulated faster or the mature ovum has failed to disintegrate after the periods. This in turn will strengthen your chances of pregnancy.
If you want to get sure results and answers as to how to get pregnant immediately after the menstrual cycle, it would be better to consult a doctor. A doctor will have to conduct tests in order to provide you with sure answers as to when you have the maximum chances of pregnancy.