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Smoking is So Harmful For You, Are You On Right track ?

Smoking is So Harmful For You Are You On Right track

There will be no second thought on agreeing that smoking is harmful. During the last century, awareness has been raised to its optimum. That awareness campaign has not gone all in vein. For, standing on this century we all agree on the harmful effects of smoking and feel the dire need to quit smoking for ourselves or make a dear person stop smoking. But, It take 30 days to form a habit, a second nature but takes a lot more to quit that habit. There will  be disagreement on this statement. The writer here will reinforce his statement saying that quitting a habit does not necessarily require a huge amount of time but determination and proper incentives. Here are a few incentives for you, gentle reader to stop smoking and have a healthy long life.

1) Tobacco affects the brain

Too much intake of tobacco creates special receptors in brain to deal with extra tobacco in taken by body. Those receptors keep demanding more tobacco making it utterly hard for the smoker to quit smoking.

2) Change in facial features

Smoking affects overall body along with the face. The face is our mirror of age. Smoking adds numbers to your face by making wrinkles all over the face and dark circles around the eye. Smoking affects the skin gravely. The skin loses its elasticity and  glaze.

3) Lungs

This is the most important part affected by smoking which is a well known fact. Smoking is the sole reason of lung cancer. Over the years, the net amount of taken nicotine stores in lungs and affects proper functioning of lungs.

4) Blood

Smoking attacks blood as well as organisms of human body. It causes higher white blood cell counts in blood and thus wounds take longer than usual to heal