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Steps How To Get A Curvier & Sexier Figure !

Steps How To Get A Curvier & Sexier Figure

Steps To Get A Curvier & Sexier Figure

Everybody wants a sexy & curvy figure because the body is the first thing to create an impression and it is also true that everybody wants to create a good impression in front of their beloved ones. But it is not so easy to get a curvier & sexier figure. For that one has to follow some steps. Here are some tips about that-

1. Regular Exercise:
Regular exercise is the first & fore most thing to follow to get a curvier & sexier figure. One has to spend regular at least 2 hours for exercise whether it is free land & instrumental. Most of the body fats gather in the waste & belly part of the body. Regular exercise does not let the fat heap on the body.

2. Avoid Oily Food:
Oily foods attract the body fats to stay in the body, especially on belly, waste & hip. Oily foods also attract the toxin in the body, which holds the fat in the body permanently.

3. Drink Plenty Of Water:
Drinking plenty of water makes the body moisturize & it does not let the body gather toxin, which holds the fat molecules. On the other hand drinking plenty of water keeps the body system clear & a healthy body keeps a body sleek & slim.

4. Drink Green Tea:
Green tea destroys the fat molecules & does not let the toxin gather in the body. Thus it gives a curvier & sexier body.

5. Drink Lemon Juice In Hot Water:
Lemon juice in the hot water keep the body free from fat because the acid in the lemon juice mingles in the hot water & it melts the existing fat of the body. By drinking this mixture, one can be free from fat in 3 weeks. Thus helps to get a sexier & curvier body.