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Tips To Follow To Avoid Ovarian Cancer

Tips To Follow To Avoid Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer is one of the major causes of death for the women not only in India but also all over the world. Ovarian cancer main causes genetically. One fourth of the women death is caused by ovarian cancer. Every year almost 30000 women are diagnosed of ovarian cancer & out of that 14000 die. Anybody having family history of colon cancer, prostate cancer & uterine cancer is in high risk zone of ovarian cancer.

The Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer:
The main problem with the ovarian cancer is that the symptoms are very simple & common physical disorders. Like-
• Back Pain
• Urinal infection
• Lose of appetite
• Sudden weight loss
• Over bleeding while menstrual cycle
• Pain in lower abdomen etc.
That is why most of the time the ovarian cancer is not diagnosed at the early stage. Most of the time is found out in the advanced 3rd or early 4th stage. So it becomes difficult to get rid of the disease.

How To Prevent Ovarian Cancer:
Ovarian cancer is mostly genetic. That is why there is no apparent way to prevent it. But a woman having family history of ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, uterine cancer, colon cancer may have ovarian cancer in future. Therefore,
1. One can go for a genetic counseling to know the possibility of ovarian cancer. After that if any possibility is found one can go for the respective surgery to prevent it & uproot it from the core.
2. One should keep a high notice on the calcium level in blood. If the level is high then the woman is in high risk zone of ovarian cancer.

What To Do If Diagnosed Of Ovarian Cancer:
If any body is diagnosed of having ovarian cancer she can go for surgery if possible & if not there is chemotherapy & radiation therapy to kill the cancerous cells.