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Top 10 chicken soup key to good health

Top 10 chicken soup key to good health
Top 10 chicken soup- key to good health

From soup to roasted and fried forms, chicken is believed as one of the most popular food in this world, which is being cooked in various methods in almost every household. Throughout the world, it is known as the most nutritious food. Amazing health benefits make chicken as an excellent option to have in meal. Not only protein, chicken is rich with minerals like phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and vitamins like Vitamin B5 and Vitamin B6. All these things perform different type of works to make one healthy and fit as well. If you don’t have enough time to cook something tasty then chicken soup is the alternative way to bring a broad smile to the face of your family members. Without wasting your time, read this article and get a list of some interesting chicken soup which will be fruitful for all of you.

  1. When you don’t have noodles, go for brown rice to make chicken and rice soup. Chicken gives you high protein and brown rice will add fiber to this soup.
  2. Adding dill to your chicken soup to make it more delicious is an interesting idea to execute. This soup is super delicious, cheap and simple as well.
  3. Don’t hesitate to add veggies in your chicken soup that are available in your freezer. Normally kids have a tendency to avoid veggies. So it is the great way to give them nutrition. In summer and spring, options like asparagus, herbs, zucchini and snap peas make a super addition.
  4. Have you ever heard about vegetarian chicken soup? No? In this soup chicken is being cooked with veggie broth.
  5. Hearty chicken pumpkin soup is being made with chopped veggies, chicken noodles and pumpkin. It is very much easy to cook and after having it one can feel full for a long time.
  6. The addition of shiitake mushrooms and farro to the broth- based light chicken and farro soup gives you a perfect earthy flavor.
  7. Adding almond butter in any soup may be sound weird. But the nut butter in almond chicken soup creates rich flavor and creamy texture without extra cream and butter.
  8. Chicken lentil and barley soup is the marriage bed of three soup classics- lentil, barley, chicken and veggies. It is rich in spices and goodness of veggies and packed with high- protein from the lentils and chicken.
  9. Putting chipotle appears as a great twist in chipotle chicken tortilla soup. Combined with lime and cumin, chipotle pepper provides this soup rich flavor and little bit spice that is comforting at its best.
  10. Slow cooker recipe chicken gumbo is full of good stuffs like veggies, herbs, rice, andouille sausage and chicken.