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Top 5 Ways to Avoid Prevent Pregnancy Without Using Condom

Top 5 Ways to Avoid Prevent Pregnancy Without Using Condom

How to Avoid Pregnancy Without Using Condoms

The usefulness of sex in healthy relationship can never be denied. Sex is something which makes the emotional bond strong enough during the intimacy. But sometimes sex leads one to unwanted pregnancy. At the same time, it is also true that using condom is not a permanent solution and it also prevents one to enjoy the ultimate pleasure of sex. So it is the worst idea ever. This article will help you to know the best ways to avoid pregnancy without condoms. Take a quick view of these simple and easy tips to avoid unwanted pregnancy.


1) Safe period

The safe week is considered to be the greatest way to avoid pregnancy without using condoms. This implies one can easily go for intercourse from 9th day to 20th day of female’s menstrual cycle. The very first day of period implies day one of menstrual cycle.


2) Method of pull and pray

Withdrawal method or pull and pray method is also preferred by numerous couples. Though it is not fully safe. But experts opine that the withdrawal method is near about 82 percent beneficial and effective, just similar to condom which is around 84 percent safe to avoid pregnancy.


3) Powerful Copper T

Copper T is normally implanted by a doctor who is trained enough in this field and can also be removed by him when the couples set their mind to have a baby. There are numerous females who go for this process to delay the possibility of becoming pregnant.


4) Have the pill

Taking pill is also the best way to prevent pregnancy. If you are not starting to take the pill then you should definitely visit your gynecologist and she/ he will tell what will the best option for you. If you want to curb the chances of unwanted pregnancy then pill the ultimate answer to your question.


5) Go for pre- intimacy

Pre- intimacy is something, which allows to increase the level of intimacy without intercourse and also decrease the possibility of getting pregnant. So if both of you are not ready to have a baby right now , then go for this beautiful way of showing your immense love.


So forgetting the fear of getting pregnant, enjoy and feel the ultimate pleasure and joy of intimacy.