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Here’s Why Women’s Shirts Button on the Opposite Side of Men’s

Here is Why Women Shirts Button on the Opposite Side of Men

Why are women’s shirt buttons positioned on the left whilst men’s are placed on the right side? There’s no genuine practical cause for the delineation currently, however the custom has been around since the 1850s.
Here, a list of potential responses to please your interest.

1. Because noble females didn’t dress themselves. This one is, certainly, the most frequently mentioned reasoning for females left-sided buttons.

2. Because individuals wanted to imitate garments of wealthy people. To append to speculation #2, it is thought that even after individuals commenced dressing up themselves, buttons (once regarded as costly items) remained on the left so the people could copy rich women’s garments.

3. Because males carried weapon systems with the right hand and found it simple and easy to open shirts utilizing the left hand.

4. Owing to gender disparity. As per 19th century sexologist Havelock Ellis research of Secondary and Tertiary natures (released in the year 1894), that females’ item of clothing containing buttons right to left is a symbol that females “appear inferior to males” in “potency and in quickness and accuracy of movement.”

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