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School Life, The Best Part of Human Development

School Life The Best Part of Human Development

School Life, the best part of human development

From the day when one enters the school premises with tears in eyes to the day when walks out of the school premises with tears in the eyes is probably the best time of life. These years form the foundation on which one builds their whole life. One makes friends, learns new things fall in love, grow up.

Important Facts to Know

  • School children are then innocent little children eagerly waiting to grow up so that they can buy their own chocolates. Those are the times when the biggest aim in their life is to have more number of pens and pencils than their partner. But time flies and one grows up and then forgets about the chocolates and along with the pens and pencils one forgets the friend who used to sit beside them.
  • With growing up one forgets to live while concentrating on how to make life better. Studies take up the little bit of time during their college life and they hardly get the chance to make friends. Even if they make friends, they fail to build the connection they had with their childhood friends.
  • After that they become participants of a never ending rat race which ends only with their death. Carrying out responsibilities and duties become the only motto of their life and they long for the days when they expected santa clause to bring them gifts on christmas, when they sang christmas carols with their friends and fought for a piece of cake, the days when the biggest punishment they could give someone was ‘I won’t play with you’.

Even the restrictions they had during their school life seem sweet yet when there is no one to tell us what to do what not to do. The punishments, the group rehearsals, the interschool competitions, the fests, the exams are all that build up their world when they are in school. These memories are to be cherished forever.