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Know, who Porn can not block in India

As everyone knows this thing, that no one can stop Indian youngsters. Right now around 800 plus porn websites ban in India. This time we are giving you tools of Google Chrome. Which will change your IP. So that you can access website easily. It’s called Indian Jugad.

Know, who Porn cannot block in India?

See below images. How can you access Google Chrome extensions ZenMate Security, Privacy & Unblock VPN.

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1) Open Google Chrome then Press Ctrl + H.


2) Enter ZenMate Security, press Enter. You will get right side Output. Add to chrome



3) Press add button, according to below image



4) Active ZenMate .



5) On/Off This plugin according to you.



New it’s your time. Enjoy with your internet jugad.

Image source:- Giphy