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10 mistakes in a relationship which you should not do

10 mistakes in a relationship which you should not do

10 mistakes in a relationship which you should not do.

Being in a relationship is a great feeling, which simply helps a person feel top of the world. There are several mistakes which have to be avoided for ensuring a strong and enduring relationship:

  1. Attempt to bring changes in the partner: Love is the art of accepting the way he or she is; an attempt to bring changes in the partner should be shunned as it can bring dire consequences.
  2. Resentful feeling of failure in relationship: People tend to become depressed when the things are not working the way they desired. Such feelings should be kept away as the relationship succeeds by continuously working on it.
  3. Trying to be too good in order to sustain a relationship: The feeling that in spite of having a wonderful partner relationship is not moving in desired way as something is lacking in own self, should be given up. An attempt to being too good to please the partner will not help as the simple strategy is to simply being the true self.
  4. Rejecting the partner to avoid rejection by him/her: There are people who reject their partners in order to avoid rejection by them. The reality is that such people are not able to hold the partner in relationship as they have not accepted themselves.
  5. Lack of communication: Many people believe that if their partner truly loves them, they should read what’s there in their minds; but it is not possible in absence of effective communication skills.
  6. Taking the partner for granted: The feeling to take the partner for granted that he or she would understand the situation can result in disaster in absence of proper expression.
  7. Believing that it is the partner’s duty to make him/her happy: Before accepting him/her to give happiness, it is actually essential to give happiness first.
  8. Feeling that it is hard to convince him/her: People fail to share true feelings in relationship by assuming that it would not be acceptable by the partner, but such feelings should not be paid attention.
  9. Continuously fighting: Many loves to fight over trivial issues which take away the love out of the relationship. Hence, grudging over minor issue is strictly undesirable.
  10. Failure to appreciate small efforts done by the partner: Appreciating and praising the partner for small things help in building a relationship full of love.

Love blossoms not with some magic, but by constantly working on it can ensure a lasting and lovable relationship.