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11 Drugs Which One Should Avoid That Can Effect Your Sex Drive

11 Drugs Which One Should Avoid That Can Effect Your Sex DriveNot experiencing better sex drive? Or is it your partner who is not able to increase your urge if having sex? Their can be many possible reasons for not having a great sex life. But have you ever imagined that the medicine you are taking might lower your sex drive? Yes, there are so many drugs available in the markets now a days which can effect your sex life in a drastic way. Mentioned below are the 11 drugs which you might be taking for a long time but never  knew it’s side effects specially in your sex life.

1) Benzodiazepines
Basically bezodiazepines are used to treat patients with severe anxiety disorder. It is the basic ingredient of anti anxiety drugs like xanax. Many people unknowingly take xanax to reduce their anxiety but hardly did anyone know that it can severely lower your sex drive.

2) Opioids
Many of you will not know what this drug is used for. Even those who takes pain relief medicines for no particular reason will not know about it. Medicine like OxyContin contains opioid which is used for pain relief and it effects testosterone level in the body. Ultimately lower testosterone level means lower urge of having sex.

3) Medical Marijuana
People under medication of medical marijuana expressed sex drives related problems. Although marijuana is not legal in all parts of the world but still those who are taking marijuana legally might experience lower sex drive issues.

4) Birth Control Pills
This is again one harmful medicine is all regards not only it decreases the testosterone level but at the same time effects the libido. Women who are regularly use such contraceptive pills of birth control might experience lower sex hormone content in their body and consequently less urge of having sex.

5) Beta Blockers
Beta Blockers are used by hundreds and thousands of people all over the world for issues related to thier heart. Betal Blockers like metoprolol and propranolol are indeed is a good medication but they also leads to lower blood pressure and at the same time lower sex drive issues.

6) Proscar
The medicine is used to treat BPH i.e Benign Prostatic hyperplasia. The drug which is used to manufacture Proscar leads to  decrease in testosterone level in the body. Thus resulting in lower libido. One should try to opt for other method to cure enlarged prostate to avoid taking such medicine.

7) Tricyclic Antidepressants
People suffering from depression usually opt for Tricyclic Antidepressants as this is considered to be good one in terms of curing depression. But hardly did anyone know that it causes decrease in libido content in the body ultimately leading to having lesser sex drive.

8) Procecia
The key ingredient of Procecia is finasteride which as same as that of Proscar. It is used to reduce hair loss problems. The researchers says that constant use if such drugs might lead to decrease in testosterone level in the body. Ao one should Avoid taking such medicines to experience better sex life.

9) Anti Seizure Drugs
The use of such drugs can lead to having less sex drives at younger age. Although it can create significant impact in those who experience seizures but they will have to face the consequences of using such drugs says the leading doctors of the world.

10) Selective  Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors
This again is one of the most famous anti depressants used by the people all over the world. Although the regular use of anti depressants are not advisable but still many uses them for thier personal relaxation. Unfortunately these sorts of drugs reduces libido content in the body to greater level.

11) Antihistamines
Antihistamines like chlorpheniramine and benadryl are used to reduce all kinds of allergies related problems. But at the same time the constant use if such medicines also effects the live life to greater extent.