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6 ways to make a best husband

6 ways to make a best husband

This is a very normal question how to make a best husband? Every man thought about it. If you’ve been looking to answer of this question, I’ve got the reasons below!  I’m going to go over the top 6 reasons.

1) Always put his family first: – A man who thought about his family first wants to spend maximum time with family.  Man who will be there for his family when they need him.

2) Who believes in marriage: – A man who always believes in marriage, love his wife, always support his wife. Fidelity still, true love and marriage believes in having a partnership for life. For better or worse, this guy actually means something.

3) Lived his life by a moral code: – A man knows the difference between right and wrong. He will make decisions based on their strong moral code and that strength will make him a great husband. He will always be a successful husband.

4) Share all moment:-  A  good man does not dominate their wives, they share their lives with them. He will be very happy about Nice Guy, its growth, success and achievements will be as happy to celebrate.

5) Respects your femininity:- Equality is all right and proper, but also respects the man and his femininity cherishes.

6) Don’t tell a lie:– To make a best husband you have to follow this most important thing. Never tell a lie with your partner. She knows everything about you. So don’t try to make smart.


You should never say to your partner

1) Yes, I had an orgasm.

2) You’re just like your mother.

3) Just leave it – I do it myself.