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Comprehend Hidden Foreplay Tips for Better $ex

Comprehend Hidden Foreplay Tips for Better Sex

While quickie and sudden sex can be exciting, satisfying and amusing, people will admit that best and great encounters happen when your partner understands and knows the benefits of foreplay. One needs to understand the trigger which makes your partner wild. Superb foreplay can lead one to have a great sexual experience. So it is the right moment to become the master in this act and art of foreplay.

Dirty talk or text messages

Dirty talk or sensual text messages is something, which definitely turns your partner on. You can tell your partner what will be your next move before sex. But don’t tell him or her everything clearly. Give your partner something to ponder about. You can tell him like ‘ I am getting so horny right now, wish you were with me’ or ‘ready to make you wild’.

Foreplay in public places

Though the idea of public foreplay sounds somewhat weird but in reality it is totally different. One can turn the partner with this act, but nothing sexual can really occur with him/ her because of the fact that both of you are in public place. One can easily rub the inside of partner’s leg and also can pinch each other’s bum. Accidentally touch or graze the erotic parts is also a nice idea.

Tie your partner with handcuffs

Before becoming intimate, tie the hands of your partner. Then one can do some move with sex toys which make other one crazy and wild. Don’t forget to moan to switch on the mood of your partner.

Go for porn

Watching porn is the best way to switch your partner on. Just go in bed and ask him/her if he/she wants to go through some erotic porns on computer/laptop. In this case, it is advised to watch something of your own personal video to enjoy to the fullest extent.

Oral sex

It is something, which will surely work the best. When you wish to stimulate and impress your partner then oral sex is very much essential.

Undress your partner

Before intercourse, one needs to take off the cloths. So have some fun while undressing your partner. One can use teeth to remove some delicate items. Undress him/her from behind and kiss her/ his neck. Use your hands to rub the sensitive and erotic parts and put your lips too which will take your partner to cloud nine.

Fire starter

If you lost the spice in your sexual life then this one is beneficial for you. When your partner least expecting something, grab him/her and go for a deep kiss or just touch the crotch or breast staring seductively.