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Get Familiar with Top seven $ex positions for female orgasm

Get Familiar with Top seven positions for female orgasm

A healthy relationship between husband and wife depends on their sexual life. Sex is something which brings the two closer; not only this sex makes the emotional bond stronger. If both of them enjoy the whole act of sex truly then it calls a successful one. But when only one enjoys that becomes the worst part of the relationship. In many cases, men will reach the climax before a woman, leaving the lady unsatisfied and bored. Man finds it easy to orgasm than woman. To help stimulate and activate your partner and your sex life, you have to keep in mind certain positions.

1) Cowgirl position
This is the simplest and earliest sex position to reach the orgasm with your partner. Female can move as slow or fast as she wishes and the depth of motion also depends on female. It permits easy access to female clitoris which implies that man can help her to reach the orgasm with his fingers as well.

2) Spooning
This is the right one for a lazy weekend morning session. It is known as the superb sex position for sensual, close sex with the man. While performing this act, the man should rub and massage the clitoris with fingers, bringing the woman to orgasm. It assumes that this position gives immense pleasure to a woman.

3) Doggy style
It considers as a great one for the females as it allows the ladies to have greatest control. In this position, woman is capable to adjust the range of motion. For activating the G- spot this one is also the best one.

4) The slide
Numerous women prefer to be on the top to have great orgasm. Another process of doing this position is to lay their whole body right on the top of the male. The usefulness of this particular position is that for man and woman, penetration feels so tighter which helps the woman in reaching the climax quicker.

5) Missionary
Though it appears somehow boring but numerous couples opine that this one is their favorite position. Woman loves the intimacy and closeness of having her male partner’s weight on her.

6) Scissors
For clitoral activation, this position works the best. As the bodies are not just against each other and there are numerous rooms for you to go down and rub the clitoris of your female partner.

7) Rocking horse
This position gives the woman ultimate fun and pleasure because this can be done outside the bedroom and perform and enjoy the move on a sofa or chairs of dining room. As thrill and variety is the spice of sexual life so this adventurous position helps the woman to reach orgasm.