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How to Impress a girl, know top 6 tips ?

How to Impress a girl, know top 6 tips

As a boy you think she’s perfect to you. She has a nice face, perfect figure, good posture, brilliant mint – if I would say in short, she is a perfect girl to you, like a dream girl. You thought that you have to take a change to impress her. But you don’t know how, here we are giving you super 6 tips, how to Impress a girl?

  • Look at her eyes to make solid connection- It is some of good thing that how to make strong connection. If you don’t do, so you lose first step. Try your best to meet her gaze, hold her hand. But look like a cheap.
  • Admire girls a lot- Everyone knows that girls like, if her partner appreciate her. Apprise about her beauty, her nature, her figure and all. She always likes this type of gossips.
  • Show your best sense of humor- Girls always want that there partner should be good sense of humor, humorous. Girls like funny person but don’t like guffaw persons. Try to do natural and witty joke this will always open you up.
  • Your body language- Body language always shows your confidence level in every movement. Don’t stand with your shoulders bend, it show you boring, unconfident. Stand with good posture, look like a star.
  • Don’t talk unnecessary- Don’t talk about yourself only. It shows you selfish, if you continuously talking about yourself show your good nature and all. Take an interest what your partner has to say. Give her a chance to open herself up to you. To know about each other.
  • Don’t look other women- Mostly men does this, not deliberately. Men never lose an opportunity to check out other good locking girds, because “Men will be men 🙂 “. You should remember this thing when you date someone.