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Know 10 reasons why you should have to do every day

Know 10 reasons why you should have sex every day

Know 10 reasons why you should have to do every day

Often every day sex is questioned, but the fact is, you should be doing it more than often and preferably every day. Here are few things that you need to know if you are doing it everyday.

  1. Stress buster: Daily sex reduces stress. This has been proven. After a hectic day at work, just go for the daily sex period. This will relax you and help you to stay stress free. There are hormones that are released during sex and then help in suppressing your stress. The hormones are dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin.
  2. It is also an exercise: Sex is not just a sweet time together; it is also one of the best exercises that you do every day. It is the time when you enjoy a lot. Three time sex a week burn you about 7500 calories every day.
  3. Boost your immune system: The Immune system is very important for protecting the body from infections and sex helps in boosting the immune system. Immunoglobulin A is released during sex and it is very important for fighting flu.
  4. Lowers BP: High BP is always is a bad sign that you get into your forties. Physical contact can help reduce your blood pressure to normal. That is why sex helps in lowering the BP.
  5. A healthy heart: According to a new study, men who have sex everyday are more likely to not have heart issues than the one who doesn’t have sex regularly. During sex, calories are burnt and that helps in keeping the heart strong.
  6. It relieves pain: Sex helps with pain relief. In case you have any pain or ace, sex is better than most of the pills that are out in the market.
  7. Sex and period: Regular sex ensures a regular period, this is very important part of women to health and that is why keeping your lady health and sex will help you more than you think.
  8. Reduces risk of cancer: Having daily sex is good for health and it reduces the chance of prostate cancer
  9. Sex helps you to sleep well: After sex, you sleep like a baby. This is very good for health. During sex, the heart rate is increased and that is when you go into relaxation mode and it is very helpful for health.
  10. It makes you look young: When you have sex everyday, it makes you, younger by 10 years according to recent research.

These are the 10 benefits of having sex every day.