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Know 20 Interesting Facts About Kissing

Know 20 Interesting Facts About Kissing

Know 20 Interesting Facts About Kissing

Kissing is the most effective way to express love. There is unlimited curiosity about kissing among the common people. That’s why today also any kissing video becomes viral in any media. Kissing gives physical excitement as well as mental pleasure. Kissing expresses not only love but also attachment. Kissing has several interesting facts, which can enchant you.

1) Kissing Is Good For Health: Besides expressing love, kissing is good for health because it burns a large number of calories each time you kiss. According to research each kiss burns 5-10 calories.

2) Good Exercise: It is a good exercise because it involves several muscles while kissing anybody.

3) Kissing Is Good For Teeth: Kissing increases Saliva flow which strengthens the teeth.

4) Accessible To All :Kissing is not only meant for lovers but for people of all ages. Anybody     can kiss and express their care & love for you. That’s why in western culture kissing is a part of courtesy. In a party whenever civilians meet, they kiss each other on face.

5) Kissing Depends On Zodiac Signs: A kiss exert a zodiac sigh of a person. According to astrology different people of different zodiac sign kiss differently. By seeing kissing you can understand your partner if you are on a blind date.

6) Kissing As a Taboo: Though in western countries kissing is a part of courtesy in orient it is  a taboo. Still today censor boards edits some kissing scenes considering it as adult.

7) Different Notions of Kissing: Apart from sex , kissing has  different notion also. Kissing on forehead denotes affection, kissing on face denotes showing courtesy, kissing on eyes is equal to blessing & kissing on lips denotes love.

8) Popularity Of Kissing in Private: Kissing openly is banned  in orient. In middle east several strict laws are there to ban kissing openly. And for this reason kissing is extremely popular in these countries but of course in private.

9) An Important Part in Sex: From the ancient time of Batsyana, Kissing is an important part of “Kama”. It is considered as the most important part of foreplay or “Sringara” for it is the gateway of entering “Kama”

10) Kissing Tells the Unspoken Words: A kiss gives mental pleasure also  because it can speak those unspoken word you were unable to utter.

11) Banning History of Kissing: Though a part of courtesy, in England kissing was banned in the rein of  King Henry VI because kissing was accused of distracting people from their goal to reach. In mediaeval India in Sultan periods & in Mughal Periods kissing was banned.

12) Increases Intimacy: It is scientific that  at the time of kissing some hormones are secreted which helps to increase intimacy between the kissers.

13) Power Of Good Morning Kiss & Good Bye Kiss: A Good  Morning Kiss & a Good Bye Kiss  from your mom or your beloved one can prevent stress & tension related from problems through out the whole day.

14) Kissing transfers viruses & germs:  Different germs & viruses can be transferred via a kiss. For this reason there is an untold banning of kisses in Brazil in fear of Zika.

15) Kissing Place Plays an Important Role in Enjoying a Kiss: A research reveals that the pleasure of kissing depends on the ambience of the place. The research was held on about a thousand people between 15-60 years, which reveals that the ambience of place had moved them more than the person!!

16) Women Like to Kiss the Men Who Tilt Their Head Right Side: The research also revealed that the women like the men who tilt their head right side to control the proportion & balance of the posture.

17) Women Want Their Waist To Be Held While Kissing : Women like the men who surround their waist while kissing because it helps to complete intimacy caused during kissing!!

18) Men Like Women Of  Shorter Height & Vise Versa: Most of the time men like to have control over the kissing . So they like to have a shorter girl while kissing. Though the scenario is getting changed soon but in this case even women like to kiss the taller men.

19) Beard Weakens The Pleasure Of Kissing: The Beard in men’s face bars women to have ultimate pleasure of kissing. Therefore women don’t like men with beard in the matter of kissing.

20) Duration Of Kissing Depends On The Chemistry With The Partner: Duration of the kissing depends on the chemistry of the lovers. How much they are in love or attracted towards themselves , the kisses become lengthier.

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Video Source:- BuzzFeed