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Know how to impress a girl on chat


Know how to impress a girl on chat.

If you want to impress the girl on a chat then here are some tips which will help you do so.

  • HONESTY: If you are doing a conversation with a girl on chat then it doesn’t mean that it is necessary for you to lie. It’s always seen that mostly girls are impressed with those who are honest. So do not lie about yourself.
  • DO NOT SHOW OFF: While on chat do not show of your money, your status, as girls do not like the person showing off too much.
  • CONFIDENCE: Be confident in whatever you say, confidence in your attitude should be reflected in your chat. According to a survey conducted its found that girls are very much attracted towards a guy having a lot of confidence in himself.
  • TOPIC YOU CHOOSE TO TALK SHOULD BE AN INTERESTING ONE: Choose some interesting topic to talk with a girl like ask her which is her favourite food, place which she would like to visit often, what is her favourite movie, her favourite hero etc.
  • SHOW YOUR CARING NATURE: While talking to a girl on chat show her that you are a caring guy. Girls love to talk to guys who are caring in nature.
  • TALK ABOUT HER: While chatting see that you try to talk about the girl with which you are holding on your conversation. Don’t talk about someone else or only about yourself . Give her a chance to talk about herself. Ask her about her hobbies, her passion, her dreams. Tell some interesting things about you.
  • UNIQUENESS: When you come to know that she is also interested in having a chat with you then you can show her your other side i.e. the likeness which you are having for her, talk something romantic. Also show your loving nature at this point of time.
  • PATIENCE: When you have done chatting for a long time, then you can have patience for sometimes. Let her miss you for a while. Then again you can continue your conversation but go with the flow of the conversation, No need to think too much.
  • HUMOROUS NATURE: Girls are mostly attracted with guys with good sense of humour, so try to show your humorous side in between your conversation, this will help in attracting the girl towards you.
  • DO NOT TALK TOO MUCH INITIALLY: At initial stages of chatting don’t try to talk too much unnecessarily.