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Know top 10 ways to keep your relationship exciting

10 Ways To Keep Your Relationship Exciting

Know best 10 Ways To Keep Your Relationship Exciting

Doing little things can make your relationship more Exciting, Interesting and Fresh.

1) SPEND TIME TOGETHER DOING A COMMON TASK – Spending time with your partner is always interesting. But if u spend your time doing a task that both are interested will make your time more enjoyable as well as you will not get bored. You will get a feeling of freshness and the day will become a well spent day.

2) EXPRESS YOUR FEELINGS – Mostly it happens that after a long time being in a relationship partners do not express their feeling of LOVE to each other, which makes the relationship dull. Very often the expression of love should be conveyed such as by saying “I LOVE YOU”and“I MISS YOU”.

3) GIVING SURPRISES – Everyone adores surprises, and the exciting element comes when you here about surprises, hence should try to give a surprise when it is possible.

4) SENDING LOVE OR ROMANTIC TEXTS – Sending texts is one of the ways of making your partner feel that you are missing him or her. Sending romantic texts will not only make your partner feel happy but will make your relationship a more happening one.

5) PLANNING A DATE – At least one in a month you should plan a romantic date. you can spend a cherishing time with your love.

6) MEETING EACH OTHER WITH EXCITEMENT – When u meet each other try to show that you are very happy on meeting. Give a hug or a kiss or can hold a hand.

7) GO ON TRIPS – It’s a known fact that it’s difficult to spend a quality time with your partner when you are on a daily routine, thus by not making any silly excuses go on a trip weekly, though it can be a local picnic but it fulfils the purpose of spending good quality time.

8) CREATING UNDERSTANDING – Two people cannot have the same mind-set, thus if a mistake is done by one then instead of being aggressive try to calm and use words like “ITS OK”, “I UNDERSTAND” can make your relation a stronger one.

9) COMPLEMENTING EACH OTHER – Whenever you get a chance of praising, don’t let go that chance. Complimenting means that you have a focus on your partner, thus making her or him feel very special.

10) SPENDING TIME WITH COUPLES HAVING HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP – When u spend your time with those who have a strong relationship will make your realize the value of a relationship and will indirectly help you to keep an excitement in a relationship.