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Top 5 positions that increases intimacy

Top 5 Sex positions that increases intimacy

Top 5 positions that increases intimacy

Are you tired of being best in the bed? There are ways that will certainly help you to increase intimacy in the bed. But you need to know how to get those in your bed. There are many books and online journals that talks about getting the best in the bed to increase intimacy, but it is not a piece of cake. You need to practice and practice. Most often the things that are not usually worked and that is why go for those that you never had in the past.

1) Eye contact: Eye contact is very important in sexual. This helps you to be intimate. That is why you need to choose for those positions that help you stare at her eyes all the time while doing it. The missionary position is what we all know helps much in case of eye contact. There are also many other sexual positions which you can go for where eye contact is possible.

2) Vulnerability: The Explorer is the word that best describes ‘vulnerability’ in the bed. When you are done with the eye contact thing, it is a time when you looked for those areas that you have not been explored in your past. There are some positions that will make you feel the vulnerability and arose you, and that is why, look for those positions while going for sex. It’s more in the hands and knees, remember!

3) Get seen: This is one more area that you need to explore. Being seen is very important in intimacy. There are times when you want to see what you are doing and that is when you need to check out for you, how you can make your lady to see what she is into. There is the cowgirl position that helps the most in this case.

4) Novelty: Most of the time gets boring when the positions are the same every time. That is why you need to look out for different positions every day. This will make your life in bed interesting. There are many people who are looking for such things in books and journals. But the best advice is inventing one that is just yours.

5) Spirituality: Spiritual transcendence is very much helpful in a your life to increase intimacy. Take time to get the erotic soul of yours to get out of the shell and perform. This is how you get spiritual transcendence in the bed and it works.