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What to Do if your Sex Partner Wants to Stay Away from Condom

What Do if your Sex Partner Wants to Stay Away from Condom
When you want to have sex that time both of two are equally responsible for the sexual health- avoiding sexually transmitted infections and shielding yourselves against unwanted pregnancy. Some thinks that having sex without condom is quite acceptable but in reality it is not. There are several reasons for which your male partner should wear condoms. But what to do if partner refuses to wear it? Well. Read this article and explore the ways to have safer sex.

  • Before things get heavy and hot, set basic rules with the sex companion about what kind of risks you are ready to take and exactly which methods both of you will take to protect each other.
  • Condoms come in various flavors, colors, sizes, shapes, materials and textures, so the possibilities are quite good that there is something which goes well with your requirements for enjoyable and comfortable sex.
  • If your male sex partner refuses to wear regular condoms then being a woman you can go for reality female condoms that you will have to wear in the vagina. Well, these should never be used in the conjunction with the male condoms, as rubbing between the two cause tears.
  • If your partner do not want to go for condoms then tell and convince him that wear a condom is never a sign of an absence of love rather a true and genuine expression of the affection and warmth that you actually share.
  • Sliding on the condoms never put your fun on hold. So do whatever you can to reduce the interruption, like keeping sufficient supply of condoms within your reach.
  • If your sex partner do not want to wear condoms then before having sex discuss about the side effects of unprotected sex. If both of you are aware of it then may be your partner will listen to you.

So enjoy a healthy and safer sexual life by using condoms and feel the warmth of love.