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Why committed Men look other women. Is it normal?

Men look other women

Why committed Men look other women. Is it normal? This is a huge big question for women.
As mostly women thought about this topic that, why always men gaze women. Specially married women and girlfriends. They always worried about this.

Girls and women don’t want their partner look other women. And if you compare opposite side, that men never lose an opportunity to check out other good locking girds, because “Men will be men 🙂 ”.

If you will ask any women, that you ever notice, your partner pointing out other girls or your colleges. She will reply with big “YES”. Because she knows it’s a human tendency, but them always insecure.

Don’t do these things:

  1. Don’t imagine that something is with you and your partner.
  2. Don’t show him that you doubt your partner.
  3. Don’t get angry and show your good behavior, like that you didn’t see anything.
  4. Don’t quite, keep taking normally.
  5. Don’t say like “Why are you looking at other women?”

Do these things:

  1. Follow him, what he is gaze and keep looking. After he return to and looking at you just Smile and ask “What were you looking “
  2. Stop all chatting points until he looks you again.
  3. Always treat in a normal way, after some time just asks normally about it.
  4. Learn from other women. Why your partner gaze him.
  5. Things honest and avoid accusatory statements.
  6. Always do open and honest conversation with him.

Reason behind this:

  1. Many times you didn’t realize that, what your partner wants? You have to know about it.
  2. Sometime other women’s dressing style attracts men.
  3. You don’t realize you are became a too fatty, cause of this your partner is not showing interest on you.
  4. You don’t show interest in your partner. In this case they look other option.
  5. You have to always dress up with your partner’s choice.